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Lepa Faaiuaso delivers rugby league activities in schools as part of her role / NRL Samoa

Rugby League in Samoa

Lepaileyai Faaiuaso, known as Lepa to her friends and colleagues, works as a development officer for the League for Life program in Samoa, which is delivered in partnership by NRL Samoa and Rugby League Samoa, and supported by Team Up. 

League for Life is aimed at engaging and developing Samoan communities to improve gender equality, social cohesion, health and inclusive participation opportunities for girls and people with disabilities.

Lepa is also the vice-captain of a local women’s rugby league team, the Savai'i Blues, who made history in late September by winning the inaugural Rugby League Samoa (RLS) Women's Island of Origin series. 

Having been involved in sports from a young age, Lepa says working for NRL Samoa on the Team Up-supported League for Life program is a fulfilling experience. 

“Being a part of the League for Life program is important to me because I get to share my knowledge with the next generation. 

E au le inailau a tamaitai, is a Samoan saying that means ‘women can, and women will’. 

“As a female sports leader, I have witnessed how the program inspires children and especially young girls, developing their love for the game while building their confidence and self-esteem. 

“This program makes me feel proud of myself for choosing to work in sport, something past generations, especially women, did not have an opportunity to do.”

Lepa credits her success in sports to her father, Manuopuava Faaiuaso, and close friend and previous manager of NRL Samoa, Gabrielle Apelu. 

“I am following in my father’s footsteps. He was a sprinter and rugby player who represented Samoa. I am also lucky to be surrounded by many friends who are athletes, one of whom was our former manager. She’s the one that motivated me and is the reason I got involved in this sport for development program.” 

Lepa concluded that the best part of her role is seeing the excitement in children whenever they get to participate in activities. 

“What I love most about my role is going out to schools and delivering the program. The excitement on the children’s faces when they see our van pulling up, calling out our names, and enjoying the activities, that is the best part!”

The League for Life program in Samoa is delivered in partnership by NRL Samoa and Rugby League Samoa, and supported by Team Up.

Lepa plays rugby league as well as working for NRL Samoa / Team Up and NRL Samoa


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