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Tapai Talaifono is the media and communications officer for Samoa International Cricket Association / Team Up

Cricket in Samoa

Meet Tapai Dennis Talaifono, the media and communications officer with the Samoa International Cricket Association (SICA), who works tirelessly to promote the Healthy Nanas and Disability Cricket program

Supported by the Australian Government through Team Up, the program uses the power of cricket to build stronger and more inclusive communities in Samoa while promoting social-economic development by teaching home economic life skills, and health initiatives for women, children and people with a disability.

Tapai’s day-to-day responsibilities are dynamic and demanding, involving the coverage of not just the Healthy Nanas and Disability Cricket program but all SICA events, liaising with journalists, organising events, managing social media and overseeing the completion of essential reports.

Reflecting on the impact of the Healthy Nanas program, Tapai believes it has transformed the lives of its participants. 

"The Healthy Nanas program has completely changed the way most of the nanas live their lives.

"For example, they went from usually thinking of themselves as just being stay-at-home mothers and grandmothers to now being able to make and grow their own vegetable gardens, arrange flowers in the form of a bouquet and so much more for commercial purposes to help their families financially." 

The Healthy Nanas and Disability Cricket program collaborates with local law enforcement and women's rights organisations during community initiatives. This partnership enables women to engage in sports activities while receiving crucial messages on ending violence.

Highlighting the significance of the program, Tapai stressed its role in providing accessible opportunities for women, girls, and individuals with disabilities in the community. 

"It boosts their morale to speak up for themselves and address issues of violence in their community." 

Tapai added that being involved in both capturing and at times assisting with program delivery has been a fulfilling and growing experience. 

“Being a media officer with SICA introduces me to various opportunities such as engaging with the nanas, young women as well as people with disabilities across our local communities.

“There are always life lessons to be learnt through that, especially on ways of becoming a young female leader.” 

Through her day-to-day work, she also highlighted: “I have been able to build new friendships and create close networks with other media in Samoa to promote cricket not just locally but regionally”. 
Tapai finds joy in leveraging the organisation's social media platforms to spread awareness messages and influence a culture of inclusion. 

"What I enjoy most about my role is utilising social media to spread awareness messages, share positivity, and most importantly, inclusion."

Her efforts have not only increased awareness about domestic violence but also transformed the way communities perceive individuals with disabilities. 

When asked to describe the program in one word, Tapai chose "transformative". She explained: "It has transformed the lives of the participating nanas, people with disability, as well as those that are involved in delivering the program". 

Tapai photographs the community cricket programs that SICA runs for Nanas in Samoa / SICA
Tapai was among dozens of staff in Samoa who attended a Team Up capacity building workshop in 2023 / Team Up


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