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Fijiana play the Queensland Reds / Credit: Brendan Hertal

Pursuing the Olympic Dream - Fijiana Captain Luisa Tisolo and Fijiana Head Coach Saiasi Fuli

First published July 2020.

"Pursuing the Olympic Dream" tells the stories of how female athletes across the Asia-Pacific are handling the disruption caused by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic to their sports.

Even in Fiji, where the spirit of rugby union runs deep, there are still stereotypes to be broken about female players. Karalaini Tavi spoke to the captain of the nation's women's rugby union team, Luisa Tisolo, who describes her experience, including how the team is coping while training through the pandemic. She also chatted to the Fijiana 7s head coach, Saiasi Fuli.

This podcast supports women in the Pacific and Asia to become sports journalists. It is part of the Women in News and Sport program, part of Team Up and run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's International Development team, supported by the Australian Government.

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