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Lana Job works for the NRL in Fiji / Aaron Kearney ABCID

Rugby League in Fiji

Lana Job is a former Fiji netball representative and current development officer for the League for Life Fiji program, which is delivered in partnership by NRL in Fiji and Fiji National Rugby League and supported by Team Up. 

League for Life is aimed at engaging and developing Fijian communities to improve gender equality, social cohesion, health and inclusive participation opportunities for girls and people with disabilities.

“My role as an NRL Development Officer requires me to coach basic rugby league skills to children in schools and communities, mainly focusing on the grassroots level,” Lana explains. 

“This also demands that I be a positive role model to those that I coach. It is this part of my work that I enjoy the most — knowing that I am helping to empower and encourage young girls to play rugby league or to become future development officers themselves.

"It’s a good feeling to know that I can be someone that young girls can look up to. 

“I think sport is one of the main ways that we can communicate positive messages to communities and individuals. Before joining NRL I represented Fiji in netball.

"Through netball I found my love for coaching. Now as a coach for the League for Life program, I enjoy seeing children taking part, smiling, laughing and having fun. This makes me know that we are doing something good for their personal development. 

“Being involved in the League for Life program has had a huge impact on my life.

"I have learnt how to empower other women and girls and the importance of being inclusive to those around me.

"Through our Voices Against Violence initiative, I have also learnt to identify different types of violence and to stand up and take action against violence. As a mum, this information is important and something that I will pass on to my daughter and other women.”

Lana and her colleagues run the NRL's Voice Against Violence program in Fiji / NRL Fiji
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