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A girl is about to pass a rugby ball to a female coach who is ready to receive it / NRL

Lepailetai Faaiuaso is a development officer with the NRL in Samoa, which partners with Rugby League Samoa to deliver the Team Up-supported League for Life program.

League for Life uses the sport of rugby league to deliver a range of community activities that promote positive attitudes towards gender equity and inclusion, work to reduce gender-based violence through community engagement and education, and address barriers to participation across all roles in rugby league for women, girls and people with a disability.

“What I love most about my role is going out to schools and delivering the program,” she says.

“The excitement on the children’s faces when they see our van and run calling out our names, saying hello and enjoying the activities, that is the best part!

“My background is in sport. I started my sporting career when I was 14 years old. I am following in my father’s footsteps. He was a sprinter and rugby player who represented Samoa. I am also lucky to be surrounded by many friends who are athletes.

“Being part of the League for Life program is important to me so that I can share my knowledge with the next generation.

“E au le inailau a tamaitai, is a Samoan saying that means ‘women can, and women will’. As a female leader, I see how the program builds children up, helping them to develop a love of the game, become confident and have good self-esteem.

“If there was one word, I could pick to describe the program it would be ‘pride’. This program makes me proud of myself for being part for choosing to work in sport, something past generations did not have an opportunity to do.”


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