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Women's island cricket players in Vanuatu / Pacific Sports Partnerships

Welcome to our new website

This is not only a new website for Team Up, but also the first time that Australia’s sport for development program has had a significant online presence. There’s plenty to explore here, but we have picked out five highlights in case you’re wondering where to start:

UNDERSTAND OUR PURPOSE – Team Up is not just a sport program, it’s a sport for development program, which means we use sport to have a broader impact on individuals and communities. Learn more about Team Up’s program design and our five focus areas.

DISCOVER OUR HISTORY – Team Up is the new phase of Australia’s sport for development program in the Asia-Pacific, building on more than two decades of investment. Our interactive sport for development timeline charts the history of the Australian Government’s sport for development initiatives in the region from 1995 to the present day. 

EXPLORE OUR PROGRAMS – Team Up supports 30 programs that work to transform lives through sport. Learn more about each of our programs on their dedicated profile pages, and search by country, sport and focus area.

MEET OUR PARTNERS – Team Up supports more than 60 partners to deliver our programs. These include sport and non-sport organisations based in the Pacific, Australia and internationally. Discover our partners and their areas of work.

DELVE INTO RESOURCES – We offer a growing range of resources for the sport for development sector. Our resources section includes guidance notes developed by Team Up and its predecessor program, Pacific Sports Partnerships, as well as training and learning opportunities.

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