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Sitting volleyball activities are a large component of the Volley4Change program. / Credit: Vanuatu Volleyball Federation

Using volleyball for change

Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (VVF) and partners will implement both gender and disability-specific activities and mainstream inclusive practices across the V4C program. They will work to build an enabling environment for gender equality and disability inclusion in VVF and partner organisations, as well as in the Vanuatu community.

Gender, Disability and Leadership

The V4C program strives to drive change by empowering individuals, removing barriers and creating an enabling environment that can foster inclusion and the building of both individual and community capacity.  It aims to empower women and people with a disability to participate by providing training and resources that can increase their confidence, skills and capacity. It works to tackle societal norms and attitudes that have typically restricted women and people with a disability by working directly with leaders, partners and family members and showcasing the abilities and achievements of female and para-athletes to the community.


V4C creates an enabling environment by building the organisational capacity of the VVF and its staff to implement inclusive activities and collaborating with government and partners to design strategies for gender and disability mainstreaming across sporting platforms. The V4C model leverages experience from each partner to support each of these domains to implement a comprehensive inclusion strategy. 


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