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A rugby union match in Papua New Guinea. / Credit: PNG Rugby Union

Impact through inclusion

The PNG Rugby Union Inclusion Impact Program is a sport for development initiative focused on rapid and high-quality growth and inclusion of women and girls, and those who are hard of hearing or deaf, in all aspects of rugby union. With rugby union as the drawcard and vehicle, and activities that enhance the rugby union system and challenge gender and disability stereotypes, the program seeks to improve the prospects, inclusion and empowerment of women and girls and the Deaf community.

Commencing in 2021, the PNG Rugby Union Inclusion Impact Program is built upon four key initiatives: 

  • engaging youth (girls and boys) in the Get into Rugby + Values program, to develop their physical literacy, values-focussed sport experience and normalise a highly physical sport for both genders;
  • strengthening and establishing Deaf rugby union within new areas of PNG
  • delivering inclusive values-focussed festivals and tournaments;
  • driving inclusive leadership, with support and exchange with Australian experts through Rugby Australia.

The project aims to enhance rugby union systems in PNG, specifically to see:

  • having girls and women and the Deaf community in rugby union as players, coaches, officials and leaders normalised and celebrated;
  • Get into Rugby + Values development program embedded in schools for girls and boys in new areas of PNG
  • Inclusive, safe attitudes and practices will form normal operations for rugby union. Administrators and coaches (both male and female) will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead safe, inclusive, quality rugby union
  • There will be more opportunities and a full pathway for girls and women (and men) to participate in rugby union - in Get into Rugby, rugby 7s and IXs
  • Strong connections between the Australian and PNG rugby union communities, including establishment of a PNG Rugby-Australian Rugby Sister Club, Deaf Rugby PNG with Deaf Rugby Australia, and Australian Rugby Ambassadors 
  • Rugby union will have greater reach and be more sustainable
  • The project aims to enhance the Papua New Guinea (PNG) rugby union systems, improving access, inclusion, visibility and empowerment of women and girls and the Deaf community in and through participation. The expected outcomes after two years include: normalisation and celebration of women and hard-of-hearing individuals in rugby union; changes in attitudes and practices making the sport more safe, inclusive and accessible; and stronger relationships and collaboration between PNG and Australian rugby union communities.

The PNG Rugby Union Inclusion Impact Program will benefit:

  • primary-school-aged and teenage girls
  • those who are hard of hearing or deaf (male and female)
  • community coaches including school teachers, parents, senior players, and those who are hard of hearing or deaf (male and female).

The PNG Rugby Union Inclusion Impact Program is supported through Team Up and by a partnership between PNG Rugby Union, PNG Deaf Association, Oceania Rugby and Rugby Australia.


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