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The One Netball Samoa program in action. / Credit: Netball Samoa

Developing a generation of ‘sporting citizens’

Netball has established itself as one of the most popular sports for women in Samoa and is also popular amongst fa'afafine communities, providing a safe and inclusive space for marginalised groups. Women and girls have inequitable access to many freedoms in Samoa, including to quality physical activity opportunities. This creates a greater predisposition to non-communicable diseases and serves as a likely contributor to women in Samoa exhibiting higher rates of obesity. More work needs to be done to close the ‘play gap’ and extend the social and personal development benefits that can be gained through regular team sport and physical activity to more women and girls across Samoa.

Through Team Up, and in partnership with Netball Australia, the One Netball Samoa program supports and extends Netball Samoa’s resourcing capacity to deliver a sustainable pathway for netball participation which promotes life-long involvement in physical activity and builds leaders within the community. Key capacity building projects in 2021 and 2022 will include: the creation of new netball associations on the island of Savai’i, providing women with decision-making roles within the sport and their communities; the establishment of a talent identification program; and ongoing investment in the quantity and quality of coaches in Samoa. The KidsNET program focuses on developing physical literacy through netball as well as fostering social skills in primary-aged children, whilst TeensNET offers further opportunities for young women to continue participating in netball and extend towards talent identification pathways.  

Through the exposure of these netball development programs to 8,000 participants and their communities, the following outcomes will be realised:

  • More opportunities for Samoans of all genders and ages to participate in netball
  • Growth in leadership and life skills amongst program participants
  • Greater awareness and positive attitudes toward gender equality and inclusion
  • Creation of ‘sporting citizens’ within Samoan communities who become life-long advocates for netball.

A broad spectrum of the Samoan community will be positively impacted by One Netball Samoa, from primary and secondary school girls within the KidsNET and TeensNET programs respectively, to women aged 35+ who will benefit from targeted initiatives within the SamoaNET program.  While women and girls are the predominant beneficiaries, there is an emphasis within several One Netball Samoa activities to engage men and boys in multiple forms of participation. 


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