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The Basketball for Good program in Fiji / Basketball Fiji

Changing the Game

The goal of Basketball for Good initiatives is to improve the governance of national federations to empower them to deliver safe, inclusive high-quality basketball programs that enable people to develop as healthy, contributing members of their communities. 

The key activities of Basketball for Good include Hoops for Health, Bula Hoops, and Mum’s a Hero. Below we discuss the goals and objectives of each program:

Hoops For Health

The Hoops for Health program focuses on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle while introducing youth to basketball in a fun way. The curriculum aligns with the World Health Organization’s healthy schools program and strengthens the links between classroom activities and the coaching clinics, making it more appealing to teachers.

Hoops for Health (H4H) has developed into an important program in growing the number of people participating in basketball activities. With a high incidence of premature deaths in Oceania due to lifestyle factors, H4H aims to instil good healthy habits from a young age.

The program also provides opportunities for federation staff members and volunteer coaches to work on the projects that can give them experience to learn and manage programs. Hoops for Health coaches alumni have used their experience with the program to also advance their careers in other sectors.

With an impressive number of children participating in basketball-related activities, Basketball Fiji has been a leading federation in the execution of H4H. Basketball Fiji partners with local primary and secondary schools to help teach the basics of basketball while also partnering with non-profit organisations to share knowledge on health and lifestyle.

Bula Hoops

The Bula Hoops Program is the main grassroots development program of Basketball Fiji and incorporates Basketball For Good strategy into the sessions that focus on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

The program is an after-school basketball clinic designed to teach the fundamentals of basketball to youth, divided into three separate categories; Fijian Hoops for U8s, Bula Hoops for U10s and a Skills Group for U12s. 

Bula Hoops has partnered with several schools in Suva including the International School Suva and Yat Sen Primary school to deliver the programs to children who want to learn to play basketball.

Mum's A Hero

The Mum’s a Hero program is designed to support women and children by providing a safe environment that encourages them to learn and take a more active role in society, ultimately empowering them.   

Basketball Fiji has partnered with Homes of Hope to deliver the Mum’s A Hero program to the women and girls supported by that organisation. The program has generated positive feedback from participants because of the opportunity to learn the sport.


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