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Appeal Against Violence uses cricket to promote gender equality / Credit: Vanuatu Cricket Association

Appeal Against Violence: Howzat!!!

Our goal is to see cricket being used as a vehicle to raise awareness of gender equality, gender-based violence and non-communicable diseases and provide community members with practical tools to cultivate equitable, violence-free relationships and lead healthy, active lifestyles in Vanuatu.

Our approach is to mainstream gender equality and addressing gender-based violence messages into our existing programs, in addition to an extensive media campaign involving our cricket ambassadors that will help spread the message more widely, allowing mindsets to change via a larger reach through social media.

Through Appeal Against Violence we will work to increase understanding about the importance of gender equality, that gender-based violence is not our norm, and to fight against non-communicable diseases.


For details, contact Hannah Tamata, Social Impact & Inclusion Manager, Vanuatu Cricket Association at

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