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Playing for change

AFL PNG and the PNG Tribal Foundation have partnered to create the Pilai Long Senis (Play for Change) program, which uses Australian Rules Football as a vehicle to promote social improvements, by engaging with communities to foster healthy and active environments that value and respect all, regardless of gender.

Pilai Long Senis works to break down social barriers by providing safe and inclusive environments for all to participate in sport and to educate themselves on social issues faced in local communities.

The program focusses on improving gender equality and health outcomes in PNG. Participants engage in a Smart Start Niukick program, share a community dinner, watch the Senisim Pasin film, engage in a community discussion on gender-based violence (GBV), and then participants have an opportunity to sign pledges to continue the fight against GBV. 

An added key focus of the program is fostering healthy and active environments that value and respect all.


For more details, email Melissa James on


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